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Generic Name: Prednisone
Brands Names: Deltasone, Prednicot, predniSONE, Rayos, Sterapred
Drug Class: Glucocorticoids
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What is Prednisone?

Prednisone is a type of steroids (corticosteroids) yet different from anabolic ones. Unlike the latter, corticosteroids are not used by bodybuilders and athletes for gaining mass.

There are two types of corticosteroids. These are mineralocorticoids and glucocorticoids. Prednisone belongs to the last type of steroids. This medication is known for its impressive anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. As a rule, in the case of stress and inflammation, human organism and the adrenal glands, in particular, produce some special substance – cortisone.

The latter aims to “struggle” against the inflammation in the organism. Prednisone perfectly mimics that substance and serves as a more effective substitute. It suppresses the immune system, controls and decreases the inflammation four times more effectively than cortisol.

Nevertheless, these steroids are not advised to use longer than prescribed. The reason is that it may cause serious interventions in the organism expressed via muscle wasting, ultimate immunosuppression, changes in the bone structure and fluid shifts. Hence, be cautious and take Prednisone only on short-term.

Prednisone was first discovered in the middle of the twentieth century (in the 1950s). Arthur Nobile, the one we owe the discovery of this medication, observed the great effectiveness of the medication in treating arthritis.

However, over half a century has passed and today Prednisone is widely used in the treatment of many other conditions including multiple sclerosis, asthma, ulcerative colitis, serious allergies, skin diseases, lupus, etc.

When taking Prednisone, it is crucial to follow the instructions and the prescription of your doctor. Assuming the dosage of Prednisone prescribed to you might be the same as that prescribed to an acquaintance, you can seriously harm your organism.

The key is that there is no fixed dosage that may be similar to all patients. Prednisone prescribed to you may start with a higher dose and then gradually decrease over days or even weeks.

To avoid overdosing, do never take more Prednisone than was prescribed to you. Just the same way, it is neither recommended to stop taking the medication suddenly nor starting another course without seeing a doctor at first. In all cases, your doctor’s instructions must be strictly followed.

Prednisone is prone to irritating the lining of the patient’s stomach. Therefore, it is essential to take the medication with food. If you still feel discomfort or pain in your stomach, taking an antacid should help. However, if you don’t experience stomach pain relief, consult with your doctor to get a solution.

Among the side effects of Prednisone, weight gaining is counted as the one that irritates the patients the most. The key is that the medication makes one hungry. Excess fat can be noticed on the patient’s face, around his/her abdominal and on the back of the neck. The medication can also result in fluid retention. This may lead to leg swelling and weight gaining.

Another reason not to use Prednisone on long terms is the fact it leads to bone loss and osteoporosis. All these side effects together may turn the patient’s face into a moon-like form! Other side effects which are possible yet not obligatory include skin thinning, stretch marks, facial hair growth.

Breastfeeding women should avoid taking Prednisone, while pregnant women and those who plan to get pregnant must, by all means, take the medication only in their doctors’ prescription.

Children are too receptive to the side effects of Prednisone. Additionally, this medication can suppress their growth and development, be the reason for bad moods and sleeplessness.

Prednisone is also known to affect the level of blood glucose. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes should be aware of this fact not to get startled when seeing not as good results of blood sugar level as they expect while taking the medication.

When taking Prednisone, one should be cautious not to have it interact with other drugs. For instance, Prednisone should not be taken with herbal and OTC preparations. However, the worst interactions of this medication are noticed with anti-infectives including HIV medicines, NSAIDs, anticoagulants, diuretics, immune suppressants, etc.

So, you’d better speak to your doctor before undertaking the treatment with Prednisone in case you have some worries concerning the interaction with the drugs you are already taking. You can also find the information you seek in the drug interaction checker online.

Prednisone reviews

Chelsey Chelsey avatar

After the development of shock against a background of acute allergy, I was prescribed Prednisone. I can say with confidence that this drug helped not only to improve my condition, but also literally save my life, because of the sharp decrease in blood pressure, I lost consciousness. Only Prednisolone brought my body back to life and stabilized the work of the body systems.

Luci Luci avatar

I hate going to the doctors, so when the rashes began on my skin, I wait as long as I can to see them. Because I thought everything would go away by itself. As a result, I’ve got the strongest allergy for a past few years, all the skin was in the inflammations. I prescribed some treatment and after 20 days the improvement came only for a few days. And then it got worse. After that the doctor prescribed Prednisone. He wanted to prescribe intravenously, but I do not have any opportunity to visit the hospital for the injections, so I decided to try the pills.
First of all it’s cheap – about 1$ for 1 pill. The doctor has prescribed a difficult scheme of the course – 2 weeks with gradual decrease in a dose. Three days: 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at lunch, then for a few days – 2 pills in the morning and after that 1.5 at lunch. And so gradually reduce the dose from 4 tablets a day to 1. Relief has come from the very first days and after a week all the inflammations have healed. I take it the second week already, but I’m afraid that everything will start all over again.
I read that the drug is not very harmless, I really did not want to drink it, but there is no way out. But I had no side effects.

Aaron Aaron avatar

I was dealing with a great blaze for two weeks. It did not seem to disappear until I got prednisone. It worked like a miracle. After not being able to walk on my own for almost two weeks, I was up and running the day after taking this medication.

Joe Benson Joe Benson avatar

I have never written a review on anything really, but I thought it was important in this case. I have been dealing with arthritis for probably 15 years. I was essentially given 2 choices, go in Allopurinol and hope they prevent me from getting sprouts. However, I would have to take a pill every day, and this medication has upset my stomach in the past. Option 2 is to treat an outbreak when it occurs with the medication, and I went this route, Colcichine which is the medication to treat this. The problem is that it never seems to work, and I recently had a terrible gout attack. I got Prednisone, and it really worked miracles. I was probably 70% better after 1 full day, and now almost 100% after 3 days. I am more than satisfied with this medication!

Wayne Wayne avatar

My 3 year old son has skin problems. We tried almost everything! Finally the doc gave him prednisone! Finally his skin is starting to heal! Medicines make it a terror, but it’s worth it.

Steve L Steve L avatar

I couldn’t walk and bending was almost impossible, so I started with prednisone 50 mg. It was prescribed for 4 days and in 2 days I felt alive again! All the pain disappeared. I would personally take it every day if there was no side effects. Its a miracle drug.

Lynn Lynn avatar

If you can not handle more ibuprofen for the swelling, I recommend it. My glands swelled and the only thing that helped was prednisone. As for side effects – you are always be hungry and may have an upset stomach. So you can gain weight, but this side effect can be reduced if you take the same dose of medicine throughout the day, not all at once.

Chis Elliot Chis Elliot avatar

I had a toothache after dental surgery to remove a bad tooth. The pain was in the tooth next to the tooth that was extracted. I couldn’t bite on it even month after surgery! Tried ibuprofen, but it didn’t touch the pain. Then the doctor gave me a packet of Prednisone. The next morning I was able to chew normally again. There is no pain after that at all.

Neil Chambers Neil Chambers avatar

I’ve got psoriasis on my hands and doctor was prescribed me a prednisone. So yea, it cleared my psoriasis in a few weeks, but the side effects of this medication are worse than psoriasis. Terrible!