Contraindications for prednisone

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Contraindications to the use of the Prednisone are:

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  • Serious infections
  • Herpetic eye infections
  • Hypersensitivity to the Prednisone

Prednisone should not be used in the following conditions:

  • HBsAg-positive chronic active hepatitis
  • Two months before and fourteen days after prophylactic vaccination
  • Herpes simplex infection
  • Herpes zoster infection
  • Other viral infections

Prednisone may be used only with extra precaution and only after the consultations with your doctor in the following situations:

  • Ulcers in the stomach and duodenum
  • Acute and chronic bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections affecting the skin and internal organs
  • Infections caused by parasites
  • Unstable hypertension
  • Osteoporosis
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Glaucoma
  • Diverticulitis
  • Cushing’s disease

Use of this drug for an extended period of time can lead to hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) suppression, which can be life-threatening. The risk of this adverse effect is increased if this drug is rapidly discontinued. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the dose gradually before finally completely stopping prednisone.

For example, if you have been taking 5 mg of prednisone a day, it is first necessary to reduce the dose to 2.5 mg per day, which should be used for about one week, and then the dose should be reduced again to 1.25 mg per day and used for one more week before you can finally stop using this medicine. Your doctor will explain how to taper and stop prednisone therapy.

Bear in mind that prednisone works as an immunosuppressive drug, which means that it will weaken your immune system significantly. Because of this, it will be difficult for your body to fight against infections caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms. If you notice signs of infection while taking this drug, inform your doctor immediately.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Prednisone can cause intrauterine growth retardation and cleft palate, and its use during pregnancy is recommended only in situations where the benefits to the mother outweigh the risks to the fetus. Cases of hypoadrenalism (reduced levels of adrenaline in the blood) in newborns have been reported, but symptoms quickly go away without any complications. Cases of cataracts in newborns whose mothers took this drug during pregnancy have been reported.

Since it is excreted into breast milk in concentrations which correspond to 5-25% of the maternal dose, breastfeeding should be avoided.


Dose ranges from 5-60 mg per day and depends primarily on the disease and its severity.

Use of this medicine in children can slow their growth and development; therefore, use of prednisone in patients under the age of 18 should be limited to the shortest possible duration. In order to minimize the risk of growth and developmental delay, in children prednisone is often taken once every other day.

It is very important that you take prednisone tablets regularly. Never stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor first.


Georgina Georgina avatar

One day my son was prescribed Magnesium B6. This med I took a lot during pregnancy. The doctor has prescribed to take it for a month, but I messed up and took it for a three or so. Apparently that’s why it became an allergen for my child. At the same time he was bitten by some insect and a bite on his arm was very swollen. The Prednisone course was prescribed at the hospital for three days. I bought this drug without any problems. On the second day the swelling completely went away.
Besides, my mother-in-law had a situation when she had a terrible allergy to a throat spray. Within a few days her face was swollen, reddened and blistered. I had to call an ambulance, she was taken to the hospital and also prescribed Prednisone. She was a little indignant that the drug was hormonal, but it acted effectively. Swelling quickly came down and there were no side effects. The nurse said that every allergic person should have the pack of Prednisone tablets.

Ann Ann avatar

I had to face a hormonal drug like Prednisone. The course of treatment was more than a month. The price was sufficiently accessible. It Is sold without a doctor’s prescription at a pharmacy.
The treatment was as follows: after the first breakfast – 7 tablets, an hour after the second breakfast – 16 tablets. After every three days, the dose was reduced by 3 tablets. You MUST take it after eating. And you should also take some drugs for the stomach, which it is desirable to take during the hormonal course.
I guess, my sickness is neurological. And with an emergency outbreak, unfortunately, only hormones help. = (
I had no obvious side effects, only it was some was a problem with meals while the dose did not decrease for 8 tablets per day. In terms of what I always wanted to eat, and when I ate did not feel a sense of saturation. For example, an hour after dinner I already felt hungry.
The drug in general is good, I recommend, but taking hormones is not very useful, especially for the female body (many side effects). For this reason only in certain emergency cases it is possible to take drugs like that.