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Prednisone for dogs and cats

Allergies can affect pets very quickly, and pet owners have to make informed decisions regarding treatment. Prednisone can provide a solution for dogs. It is affordable and gentle, and has many benefits when compared to other allergy medicine.

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Prednisone has the same effect that it has in humans, as hydrocortisone and cortisone reduce inflammation and regulate the metabolism. The active ingredient glucocorticoid treats the symptoms of allergies, asthma, and arthritis. It blocks white blood cells and improves the dog’s general condition. It blocks the natural reaction of the body’s immune system. Hormones are necessary to reduce overreactions to pathogens and allergens (in case of autoimmune diseases). They are often used to supredd the immune system in the event of cancer, for example.

It is only possible to take hormones for an extended period when suffering from certain conditions and under the supervision of a doctor.

Prednisone is prescribed depending on age, weight, and disease symptoms. It is effective in many cases. You need to consult a veterinary doctor regularly for checkups for your dog, as well as to monitor your dog, the dosage of the medicine and effects thereof. The vet can adjust the dosage. There are different dosages and schedules when taking the drug.

Since the dogs’ systems produce cortisone by themselves, Prednisone must be prescribed with care: A lower dosage is usually given in the evening.

Depending on the diagnostic results, the Prednisone schedule can be modified or even discontinued if the dog’s condition improves significantly. However, the medicine should not be discontinued abruptly because this could place additional stress on the dog’s health.

Prednisone is not recommended for pregnant and lactating dogs. Veterinarians must also consider possible interactions with other medicine, as Prednisone can interact with other medicines and have negative consequences. To avoid such problems, you should ask advice from the dog experts and Vets. The dog should have a complete battery of diagnostic tests before being given Prednisone. You should know all the details and consult a doctor.


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Hello! Here is my story.

In September, my beloved dog fell ill and lost his appetite. He lost a lot of weight, too. I took him to a vet to have some tests, which revealed inflammation. After an ultrasound, the vet identified a seven-centimeter tumor in the lung. Surgery was not possible at the time, and I also did not know if the tumor was malignant or not. The vet gave my dog little over a month to live. I could hope only for a miracle. Honestly, it was difficult to make a decision. My dog was in a miserable condition. He was thin and weak. We decided to treat him with the Prednisone that the vet prescribed for several weeks. My dog is still alive! He has recovered and looks great! He is active and playful. I now give him a quarter of a 10 mg Prednisone pill every day – at the beginning of the treatment, the dose was half a pill.